Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Johnny We Hardly Knew Ye

WHAT THE HECK happened to John Edward? I mean, the book is awful, but I kind of expected that as all his fiction works so far have been. But... where'd his aura go? He used to be confident, now he's brash, he used to have humility and know he was a control freak, now he's all ego and waving an OCD flag.  How did he decide every single thing he learned from his Guides had a pricetag attached to it? 

When did he decide he didn't like us, anymore? 

And when did he change his mind about "mediumship without a faith context is a parlor trick?"  When did he change from medium to lounge act and why does he define what lazy mediumship is and then only practice that form?

John got eaten by his celebrity.  Too many flappers, too much isolation from the real world, too many sycophants, not enough ass-kicking.  

He's still a great medium, though, when he gets into it finally.  A great medium.  Oh, but John, you are so right: without a faith context, without a real grasp of the way things work, you end up spewing out true dreck like Fallen Masters.  You end up an entertainer instead of a facilitator of communication. 

Just because there is truth in all faiths, doesn't make all faiths equally true. 

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