6: 2nd Vision

I was in the old Adoration Room at Queen of Peace parish in Aurora, Colorado when I had this vision. I wasn't doing intentional contemplation, I was there with someone who, after we had prayed, was going to do healing prayer for me.  I had found the more I prayed, the deeper my spiritual experience got, the darker my psychological life was becoming.  I was beset with anger and despair and all sorts of negativity outside my prayer life.  So my friend was going to do healing prayer for me. I think that's going to be a separate Experience report, but that's why we were in the Adoration Room. I don't recall praying anything specific, except maybe for her to have strength and faith but then I was in a vision.  Once again, I am in a pew, kneeling, back straight, head up.

Do you remember the movie Aliens where Ripley fights the Alien Queen in the ship's bay by getting into a "loader" - a metal exoskeleton sort of robot device used to lift heavy cargo?   That was the setting of my vision.  

So one second I am praying and the next I am in the deserted ship's bay and a very large loader is there .  I know something evil is coming and I'm alone and very frightened.  I hurry to climb up into  the loader and the alien does come  and attack me.  I use the controls to get the  robot arms to protect me, but, as the thing comes at me again and again, I find the arms work by themselves.  I don't have to do anything, I realize, but lean back and stay out of the way and the evil alien cannot harm  me.  I do, it tries, the loader stops it.  The vision ended. And I laughed. I couldn't help it, I laughed for a second before I realized where I was (Adoration room) and quickly stopped.  My surprised companion looked at me, "What?" she whispered, I just shook my head. 

Yes, it's true: God cracks me up sometimes. SO - now we have miracles with office supplies and visions from Hollywood movies.  Doesn't this kind of fly in the face of profound spiritual experience?   What God wants, it seems to me, is to communicate, to get us information.  And I think He will use anything in our understanding to  help  us. My miracle was personal, it was the love of a parent for a foolish child, the love that said, "Ask and you will receive, I will make sure you have what you need."   It said, as Jesus did, "My power is made perfect in weakness."  This vision was similar, to stay in the Church, in faith, in prayer,  in Christ,  to let go, to let God. To get out of His way and I  will have nothing to fear from attack, even though I will be attacked.

God isn't doing anything because we think He should or doing it  in some way we expect. That's one of the ways we know an experience is genuine.  We have no control, we would create it differently.  Personal God, personal experience, personal message.