8: Then it Got Weird....

It was about 10:30A.M. when I left the grocery store, I was pretty happy with my early start to the day. As I drove north I got just a bit tense as always when I approached this intersection, which at 10:30 instead of dawn, like this picture, is a pretty busy one. I got this recent photo of it off Google maps, and I see they've repaved since I lived there.  When I was there the edges of the road were rough and crumbly, and if you left the surface, you were in weeds at the edge of a ditch. 

I had a big old 4x4 then, and the road approaches at a very slight angle, so you have to correct a little bit or you end up driving into the opposing lane.  It's a narrow road and that nice line behind which westbound traffic should stop wasn't there when I lived there, the drivers who wanted to turn right would crowd up pretty much into the intersection.  Driving around them, avoiding the oncoming cars, making the adjustment, it was just a place where you had to pay attention.

See that bottom yellow blotch?  I was driving about 35mph and that was where I was when the vision started.  Everything around me disappeared but the vision, it was a 3-D technicolor experience, just like being the camera in a movie: I was standing in the front doorway of a friend's home, looking down at the her husband who was standing next to a suitcase and saying something.  There was no sound, I didn't hear him.  He was in front of the car in the drive and I knew he was leaving her. See that yellow blotch at the top?  That's where I was back in my car driving again.  Or maybe a few car lengths further north, but I don't think it matters.  I have no memory at all of negotiating the intersection.

So that freaked me out, but I was still driving up a narrow road that was about to take a few turns and I just couldn't do a thing but get home safely as possible.  But it still freaked me out.  It isn't that I never had anything psychic happen before, just never anything like that.  It isn't that I hadn't had visions before, I described them in other Extraordinary Experience pages, but... well, then I was in a Church, on my knees or at least in a pew.  Who was driving the car?  

I thanked the Lord for taking care of me, hoped nothing else like that happened while I was driving and got to the house.  After I put the fridge/frozen stuff away, I went to call my friend, who I knew would be at work in my old Parish about 1800 miles away.  Unless she was home crying because her husband left her.  Well, shoot.  What would I say?  I hadn't talked to her in a few weeks at least, maybe more like a few months.  There was nothing going on then to predict this domestic disaster.

She answered right away and I said hello and got right into it.  "Look, I'm calling because I had a weird visiony kind of thing in the car just now.... you aren't by any chance divorcing your husband are you?"

"Oh no," she answered.  "He's divorcing me."  

Then she told me what happened that morning, which is irrelevant to the story and personal to her, but it included what I saw, apparently from her point of view.  What is possibly relevant is how completely in shock she was.  At work, probably doing her job, but on the phone with me, almost incoherent.  I feared for her health very much right then, I thought no one can possibly be under this much stress without having a stroke. 

I mention that because I've never had another 3-D vision like this.  I also stopped doing serious contemplation.  I think for this 60-something long-married Catholic woman, the shock of what was going on must have been like a sudden physical assault that just shoved her consciousness up a level and somehow we connected.  Or God just wanted me to call her.  

But there's still one thing I want to know:  Who was driving the car?

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