Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Who is the Enemy? (Part 1)

To win any war, the three most necessary things to know are: (1) that you are at war, (2) who your enemy is, and (3) what weapons or strategies can defeat him.

When we look at our culture of death, at the decline of faith in the Faith, we tend to pick one of the enemies Kreeft says the enemy is not:
Not Protestants.... Not Jews.... Not Muslims.... Our enemies are not “the liberals”.... Our enemies are not anti-Catholic bigots who want to crucify us....  Our enemies are not even the media of the culture of death....  Our enemies are not heretics within the Church, “cafeteria Catholics,” “Kennedy Catholics,” “I Did It My Way” Catholics....  Our enemies are not theologians....  Our enemy is not even the few really bad priests and bishops.... -Winning Strategy by Peter Kreeft
He clearly identifies the enemy, the same enemy as we've all had all along:

"Our enemies are demons. Fallen angels. Evil spirits."  

Mis-identifying the enemy as one of those mentioned above, or as any person or group, leads us into the very serious danger of not being able to identify the solution.  We become so involved trying to change some earthly system or human person, so wrapped up in anger, judgement, accusation, frustration...  we fall into evil, ourselves, becoming our enemy's  weapon and never use the one great weapon of our own, the only weapon that ever worked or ever can work:

Pursuing Sanctity.

But before I get to that, my question is: when you read that our enemies are "fallen angels, demons and evil spirits," did you do this:  

Do we necessarily want to slip back to the time when people blamed everything on "evil spirits?" 

Uh... yeah... we do.  

And we'll still know the earth revolves around the Sun and that H.Sap evolved and we won't start burning witches at the stake. 

Evil is like gravity, it is that thing that wants to keep you from the Light, like gravity "wants" to keep you on the ground.  But evil becomes personified, just as Light does.  

Evil only serves itself, to feed itself, without concern for the individual.  This is why so much that is evil is characterized by a coldness toward individual need or well-being.  

Light also serves Itself, wanting to bring all the souls possible to be part of it, and that being part of, is the greatest joy a soul can experience.  God by definition is Love caring for each individual.  

Evil by definition is nothingness, souls left bereft of any comfort or hope.    

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