Thursday, June 2, 2011

What the Church Must Do for Extraordinary Experiencers

Help us.

I published on the Extraordinary Experiences V tab above, the Miracle of the 3-Hole Punch. I can't convince you this happened, I can only ask you to put yourself in my position: what if this had happened to you?

Having these kinds of extraordinary experiences brings some amazing positive things to your life. These are outlined in the previous post here. And, you can feel both spiritually empowered and humbled simultaneously - as well as bewildered, isolated and frightened. I would have liked to have living, breathing persons to share all this with, to say, "Yes, I know what you mean, I felt the same way or 'Here- read this - this person felt the same way.' "

I wish I knew someone who'd BTDT and could have guided me but - but it didn't happen in a neat series as the Experience posts are of necessity presented, it happened in a jumble along with the dread words to be avoided by Catholics at all costs: MEDIUM .... PSYCHIC.

When I most needed help I was met with of course skepticism, suspicion and also jealousy. And just outright people saying I was lying.  I never wanted to be special, lead a movement or anything at all.  But I did promise God if I did have the gift of discerning spirits, I'd use it for people.  But I couldn't, because people are so very difficult, aren't they?  I'm not John Edward, the Catholic guy who can't be in his Church, who had  priest come to him in secret, the priest was himself himself gifted and silent and who said God's gifts were to remain unused and hidden? WHO?

But John had support in his life from people who loved him, from family and friends.  But he had to go outside to find his way to his life of service.  He had to go to numerology and astrology but Mary never let him go, no matter how far he had to wander to find help.

We're tired and sad lost sheep and we need the Church to help us.  We need words for what happens, we need some sort of "theory of metaphysics" some vocabulary that comes from the Church.  If all we can find to fit is "kundalini" and "spirit guides" and "auras" then stop telling us what is real isn't real and what comes from God comes from Satan, because we cannot abandon the Holy Spirit, not for you, not for anything of this world, give us the structure we need in our Church, make for us a haven, a harbor.  For literally the Love of God in our Lord Jesus Christ, help us.

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  1. Grace peace and mercy to you.
    due to strokes anbd near recovery due to rosaries, Fr Joe's StRaphael's oil and such. I hear ya. Being Black catholic (some of us from South Carolina, some from New Orleans) I don't we suffer under such constraint.
    If memory serves, and I am old, even Einstein was searching for that force weknow as grace (wrapped in miracles) and exemplified by Yeshua saying "Who touched me?" (Hem of his garment and all.
    I have explained it to those who wish and ready for more than spiritual milk, if there is a Holy Spirit--and indeed, there is, there is also that whole realm of power force, good and evil out there. I believe the supernatural is just "natural" in God's realm many of us mere mortals can't explain. Readings from the saints are replete with bilocations, multiplications (as did Yeshua, OUr Lord, raising from the dead (Yeshua said :Greater things than this"...some people think these stories in the Good Book are just myths, or parables--THEY AIN'T.
    Sorry for the rant,howsoever disjunctive. Just wanted ya to know, some folks here ya, AND UNDERSTAND. More than you think.
    Pax Christi

  2. Thank you for taking the time to comment here, Mr. Smith. Though I have to say I know that there are many out there who understand, probably many understand much more than I do, but it does not surprise me.

    I like your "rant." Though I thought it was just another person speaking the Truth. God bless you abundantly, sir!

    julia mae