Sunday, May 3, 2015

Deleting PRmerger - the CAF Toxicity

This is the text of a post "The Amateur Apologist" made. One of, I think, three, I deleted:
 The Amateur Apologist has left a new comment on your post "Change and Belief":

And in the interest of self disclosure, I will profess here that I personally do not believe that divorce and re-marriage is adultery.

But Christ said it. I therefore conform my views to Christ's.

I don't re-create a belief system that says, "It's too mean to say divorce and re-marriage is adultery. Therefore, I'm just going to say that Jesus didn't really say that! He happens to agree with me on this. In fact, curiously, He happens to agree with me on every moral and theological belief!"

This blog is not about to become a sounding board for the toxic brand of Catholicism that runs rampant on CAF. But I am addressing this and the deleting of posts on the blog. This will be the last post of this type.

I think this post encapsulates the most dangerous kind of thinking that we find on CAF. Let's look at the construct of ideas:
1. I don't believe divorce and re-marriage is adultery.
2. Jesus said so, so I conform my views to His.
First, the writer proclaims her present belief: she doesn't believe divorce and re-marriage is adultery.

Second, she says she changed her view to be Jesus' view. But she didn't. She started out saying what she really believes at the time she wrote the post. Today. So no change of belief occurred.
 1. I don't believe divorce and re-marriage is adultery.
This is beyond hypocrisy. It's dangerous, IMO. It's frightening in it's sincerity.

This is what people have to do to justify themselves on the Catholic Answers Forum. Find some twisted deconstruction of logic to support - what? Their own claim to being a "good Catholic?" In fact, a "better" Catholic than someone who might do what this poster goes on in an ad hom attack about with no reference to any writing or person?

This isn't the only person whose posts I have removed. I take out personal attacks or things that seem ugly to me. And it is just my personal opinion.  But it also is my personal blog. I don't hang with haters. I hope you won't, either.

(I copy/pasted this because a screenshot is very hard to read, the font comes out so small. I can post it if necessary to authenticate this is her exact post, if necessary.)

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