Thursday, August 25, 2011

Medjugorje in Context

Medjugorje in Context



I have never been an avid Medjugorje follower, though I have written about it before.  Recently, I had several people try to convince me it's either a hoax or a case of something demonic.  Okay, I'll look into this, I thought.

This is what I found: it's all the detractors who seem to be lying and manipulating.  I mean every one I've read.  I don't want to go on about this here, which is why I'm doing the other blog.  Check it out, it's new and raw and needs work, but it's also important.

WHY - how can we possibly need another Medjugorje blog?

Because of Fatima. Before I tell you about Fatima, I have a question: why is it when one guy suggests the Vatican withheld the actual 3rd secret they are a conspiracy nut but when another guy proposes a worldwide 30 year long hoax he is a rational faithful Catholic?

Fatima is why I started the blog on Medjugorje.   That book you see here with the lurid cover and the price tag (it's all online for free, BTW) is actually a fairly interesting read.  You have to get past the various writers' agenda-pushing, but you can't blame them if they are correct, and they seem to have actual facts and history on their side.

Their contention is that the 3rd "secret" of Fatima that is on the Vatican website is not what Sr Lucy received and wrote.  What we all know who remember 1960 is that the last that part of the message was to be opened in 1960.  This would be a message she received in 1917!  So everyone  waited. It was also to be opened by a Portuguese Bishop and made public.  Specifically.  But the Vatican asked for the sealed envelope in which she put it to be sent to them, Pope John XXIII read it in 1960 and refused to make it public.   According to those men who did read the 3rd secret of Fatima, it had to do with apostasy entering the Church starting at the top.  In 1962, John XXIII opened Vatican 2 and the apostasy of Karl Rahner and his ilk reigned.

Read it here and judge for yourself.  Anyway, everyone ignored the Virgin Mary's Fatima  messages and every single horrible thing Mary predicted happened.  Why is this a big deal and what does it have to do with Medjugorje?

Why is Medjugorje so different?

It actually isn't that different.  But the visionaries are different, if, indeed, they are all genuinely receiving and reporting apparitions.  Mary came to Fatima, worked in her usual manner and her chosen object became a lifelong religious and...  the Church failed us by failing God's chosen messenger.   So, possibly, because of the very serious nature of what is coming, because time is woefully short (relatively) she picked a bunch of people who would go into the world and carry that message themselves.  Continuously.  For over 30 years now.

Keep in mind that part of the new Post Vat 2 theology, for want of a better word, is that "God doesn't reach into reality and change natural law."  That is: no apparitions.  Mary put her message into the a hands of people the Church couldn't stop: people who didn't become religious or priests.  Protestants like Wayne Weible, for one.  People came who had money, didn't speak Croatian, and never heard of the Bishop.  Vat 2 had made people kind of rebellious and independent.  Okay, God brings good out of everything, and He can certainly  use that through Mary to bring us the message that:
 We must pray to get the sign to appear that will be the saving grace of souls that will be be lost if they do not convert before the Great Chastisement.
In Context, you have to go further than Fatima to see how long Mary has been coming to ask for prayer for sinners, and Prophesying punishment.  You can go back at least to LaSalette in 1846.  If the Church, in the persons of it's Popes and leaders, had simply done as a she asked, the world would look very different now.  I have come to believe this.  I have also come to believe that there is only one who benefits from trashing Medjugorje and that's the Liar.

So, this what I am doing.  If you have strong opinions one way or another on the subject, please comment.

God bless you all and please pray.  No matter what you believe or don't, a little more prayer is a good thing, right?


  1. Thanks for getting the discussion out there. I am not sure why so many vehemently oppose Medjugorje. The fruits are un-precedented in many ways and in bringing souls to Jesus and the Catholic church.

    I am a protestant who is on the way of conversion 100% because of Our Lady of Peace @ Medjugorje.

    May God guide you in your efforts.

  2. I have read somewhere that Medjugorje is the fulfillment of Fatima.



  3. Thanks for your comments and support. It's going to take a while to get most of the information in order, and I simply want to be objective. I just posted a link over there to a testimony from a woman who describes her evolution as a Medjugorje follower and how it turned bad for her. I also will note there at some point that when the Bishop approved Kibeho, Rwanda, he only approved three of the seers' encounters and messages as supernatural, he rejected the others.

    Richard, I don't know what to do about Garabandal as it's been disapproved. But I think we can make a clear connection to Akita, Japan, where Mary warns of the Chastisement, again, and where the statue weeps for years up until 1981. I find that significant.

    At any rate, I'll see if I can make the Medjugorje in Context blog reasonably useful for exploring these issues.

    I think the Liar is all over this thing and confusion and division are the hallmarks of that. So I want to look at all sides and in history.

    And Michael? Welcome home. Please post after Easter Vigil!

    God bless you abundantly!

  4. May I wish you courage and perseverance in your objective search for truth concerning Medjugorje?


    Louis Bélanger

  5. Thanks, Louis. I thought when I started it would be simpler, I thought the opposition would be objective. They aren't. I was hoping Foley would be better. He isn't. Conversely, I was hoping the "pro" side would be more incontrovertible. It isn't. I see the fruits, the positive far outweighs the negative IMO. But they've built a Shrine there, just on their own "authority." Or maybe they just built a place visiting priests can say Mass for their groups. But the conversions are still happening. I'm still looking.

  6. I would like to believe Medjugorje is real but it seems to have caused more division in the Church.The local bishop said nothing supernatural is occuring yet because the faithful flock there, a new commission was formed.

    I do not believe in astrology yet those people who do would have a field day with the Medj claim that Mary was born Aug 5 not Sept 8 as the Church celebrates and as some saints have confirmed. This would change her from Virgo the virgin to leo the Lion...

  7. I had to back off the whole investigation because it led me to the entirety of Marian apparitions and I found the whole topic increasingly disturbing. I will say that there being division over it doesn't sway me one way or the other. There was as much controversy around Padre Pio, but being just before the mass communication age, it wasn't as widely known or widespread.

  8. You cannot compare this with St Pio.He was totally obedient to his superiors.

  9. I don't think Garabandal has been 'dissproved'... My late mother and father have been to Fatima, Lourdes, Garabandal and Medjugorie, Garabandal truly moved them... A friends Sister-in laws Brother and parents went to Garabandal, after the vision he saw near the pines went into the priesthood.. I also knew these people, they started a rosary circle..
    My father collected some pine needles when whey were there and when I emmigrated he gave me an envelope to open on the plane, in it was his Rosary and some pine needles from Garabandal.. He told me how my mother had knelt and prayed the stations of the cross on the rocky crater of a path all the way to the pines...

  10. I just got back into town and checked the status on Garabandal which has not been updated. You can find the last Bishop's statement from 1996 here:

    The situation at present is "not proven supernatural." Which is a neutral position. If I said something different, I was mistaken. Thanks for posting, it's always good to hear how God reaches out to us in so many ways.

  11. hello- i went there in about 1985, and observed that spirit desend on to the hill side in front of the "visionaries" as it was a night time appearence-- i watched from about a 1/25 of a mile or 600 feet away-- i and the allumination of that spirit-- from that distance-- i had thought they had lights there -- but learned alter that was not the case. and i watched that enity revers assent into the sky like a falling star..

    also when the spirit would appear -- in the church-- there is a visual distortion field-

    that can be photographed